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  Advanced Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Bill Robertie
  YEAR: 1984
  PUBLISHER: William Robertie
  CITY: Arlinton, MA
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: ii+298
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 21 cm wide
Advanced Backgammon, Volume 1, 1991
Advanced Backgammon, Volume 2, 1991


     "Universally acknowledged as a classic and yet still underrated, Robertie's work organizes and explicates more high-level backgammon concepts than have ever appeared together, before or since. Even now, nearly a decade into the computer era, no other book is like it. In particular, no one to this day has been remotely so ambitious in the analysis of cube actions. In an era when the prevailing wisdom was that hand rollouts of cube actions were useless because of the many thousands of trials one would need to produce a reliable result, Robertie took a different perspective: he happily rolled out interresting positions in 108 game sets, fully understanding that many of his conclusions would be inaccurate, and fully expecting to become a much stronger player for the experience."—Jeremy Bagai, in Classic Backgammon Revisited, March 2001

1.  The Race
2.  The Bearoff
3.  The Opening
4.  The Middle Game
5.  Deep Anchors
6.  High Anchors
7.  Attacking Positions
8.  Action Doubles and Crunch Positions
9.  Prime vs Prime
10.  Back Games
11.  The Endgame
12.  Odds and Ends
A.  Match Probability Chart
Bill Robertie is considered one of the world's top backgammon players and one of the game's foremost theoreticians. From 1978 to 1981 he was the backgammon columnist for the Boston Globe. His first book, Lee Genud vs Joe Dwek, an account of the 1981 World Championship Match, has been called by many the best backgammon match book ever written. His major tournament wins include three New England Championships (1978, 1979, and 1982), the Black and White Tournament in Boston (1979), the Las Vegas Holiday Tournament (1980), and the World Championship in Monte Carlo (1983). He is currently the hightest-rated player in the world on Kent Goulding's backgammon rating list.
      A graduate of Harvard, Mr. Robertie was a chess master for some years, with victories in both the United States Postal Chess Championship and the United States Speed Chess Championship to his credit. A systems analyst by profession, he lives in Arlington, Massachusetts.

   Lee Genud Vs Joe Dwek
The 1981 World Championship of Backgammon
Bill Robertie
1982: William Robertie, Arlington, MA
   Reno 1986
Bill Robertie
1987: William Robertie, Arlington, MA
   Backgammon for Winners
Bill Robertie
1993: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY
   Learning from the Machine
Bill Robertie versus TD-Gammon
Bill Robertie
1993: The Gammon Press, Arlington, MA
   Backgammon for Winners
Second Edition
Bill Robertie
1995: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY
   Backgammon for Serious Players
Tips from the World's Best Player
Bill Robertie
1997: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY
   501 Essential Backgammon Problems
Bill Robertie
2000: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY
   Modern Backgammon
Bill Robertie
2001: The Gammon Press, Arlington, MA
   Backgammon for Winners
Third Edition
Bill Robertie
2002: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY
   Backgammon for Serious Players
Strategies from a World Champion
Second Edition
Bill Robertie
2003: Cardoza Publishing, New York, NY

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