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  Winning Backgammon
Problems and Answers

  AUTHORS: Grosvenor Nicholas
C. Wheaton Vaughan

  YEAR: 1930
  PUBLISHER: D. Appleton and Company
  CITY: New York
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: xii+103
  SIZE: 20 cm high, 14 cm wide

I.  A close finish
II.  The home stretch
III.  Double sixes
IV.  Prophets and profits
V.  Penny wise and pound foolish
VI.  "The more haste the less speed"
VII.  Double Game?
VIII.  "There's many a slip"
IX.  An eye to windward
X.  Another eye to windward
XI.  Skill or luck
XII.  "Waste not, want not"
XIII.  Out to win
XIV.  Luck helps them that help themselves
XV.  Military precepts
XVI.  Choice of evils
XVII.  Foresight
XVIII.  Insurance
XIX.  Backgammon finesse
XX.  The best may err
XXI.  Take your choice
XXII.  "According to Hoyle"
XXIII.  Who is ahead?

Duplicate backgammon
Authorised rules for modern backgammon

  COVER: Including the authorised revised rules for modern backgammon which have been approved by the committees of a number of leading cubs in several cities.

   Modern Backgammon
Grosvenor Nicholas
1928: Henry Holt and Company, New York

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