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  The Backgammon Quiz Book
112 Challenging Quizzes

  AUTHOR: Prince Djoli (Joli) Kansil
  YEAR: 1978
  PUBLISHER: Playboy Press Paperbacks
  CITY: Chicago, Illinois
  ISBN: 0-872-16491-8
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 288
  SIZE: 18 cm high, 10 cm wide

     "Prince Joli's Quiz Book is one of many backgammon books that are good enough to be more enjoyable and worthwhile after you've learned enough about backgammon to think about when and why the author might be wrong."—Daniel Murphy, July 1997


Sample Quiz

I.  The Opening Game
II.  Hitting Plays
III.  The Middle Game
IV.  End-Game Plays
V.  Bearing Off

VI.  The Opening Game
VII.  Hitting Plays
VIII.  The Back Game
IX.  The Middle Game
X.  When Opponent Is On the Bar
XI.  The Prime
XII.  Various Positional Plays
XIII.  End-Game Plays
XIV.  Bearing Off

Suggested Ways to Play the Opening Rolls
Dice Combinations
Probability Tables
Rules for Playing Backgammon

  COVER: This fun, easy-to-follow book contains 112 quizzes for all beginning, intermediate and advanced backgammon players. Divided into sections—from the opening game to bearing off—there are eight quizzes to each section and three rolls of the dice for each quiz.
      Not only will the variety and number of quizzes sharpen your skills, but the fully explained answers will provide you with backgammon strategy you never knew existed. You'll be able to challenge the experts and improve your game at the same time!
      In addtion, The Backgammon Quiz Book contains a complete set of rules, probability tables, choices for opening rolls and more.

  QUOTES: "A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing way to sharpen your game and learn to think as an expert does."—Oswald Jacoby.

How to Play and Win at Backgammon, the Great Board Game Classic
Prince Djoli (Joli) Kansil
1974: Victoria Publishers, Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii

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