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How to Play and Win at Backgammon, the Great Board Game Classic

  AUTHOR: Prince Djoli (Joli) Kansil
  YEAR: 1974
  PUBLISHER: Victoria Publishers, Ltd.
  CITY: Honolulu, Hawaii
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 80
  NOTE: Thank you to Mike Mannon for the information about this book.
INTRODUCTION  by John Crawford


1 HOW TO PLAY BACKGAMMON  Equipment. The Opening Setup. Throwing the Dice. Starting the Game. Subsequent Moving. Points. Blots. Entering. Bearing Off. Winning.

2 BASIC STRATEGY IN BACKGAMMON  Making Your Key Points. Builders. Dice Combinations. Making Other Points. Hitting Blots. Leaving a Blot. Bringing Men In. Bearing Off.

3 THE RUNNING GAME AND THE BACK GAME  The Running Game. The Back Game.

4 THE BEST CHOICES FOR OPENING MOVES  Opening Moves. Opening Moves for Doubles.

5 THE DOUBLING CUBE  How the Doubling Cube Works. Automatic Doubles. Termination of Play. Playing for Points. Tournament Play. Doubling

6 BACKGAMMON VARIATIONS  Acey-Deucy. Plakoto. Snake.
  COVER: Introduction by John R. Crawford, winner of many international Backgammon championships

   The Backgammon Quiz Book
112 Challenging Quizzes
Prince Djoli (Joli) Kansil
1978: Playboy Press Paperbacks, Chicago, Illinois

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