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  Backgammon Match Dilemmas
The Free Drop

  AUTHORS: Bart Brooks
Ray Fogerlund

  YEAR: 2007
  PUBLISHER: BB Backgammon Press
  CITY: Blaine, WA
  ISBN: 978-0-9736629-1-7
  BINDING: Softcover, spiral-bound
  PAGES: 86
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 22 cm wide
This book examines what to do when you need just one point to win the match and your opponent needs two points. It's post-Crawford, so your opponent will double has his first opportunity. If he plays first, then you play, then he doubles, what should you do?
      There are perhaps 30 opening plays one may encounter. To each of these there are 21 possible reply rolls. That leaves 630 possible scenarios. Many of these take/pass scenarios are close calls or just plain difficult to determine. The positions are arranged in a quiz format, with diagrams for each of the difficult decisions.
About the Author
Book Layout
Book Format  Question & Answer format explained.
Rollout Parameters
Simplification  Notation standards throughout the book.
Roll Names  Explanation of roll names.
Opening Names List  How the openings have been named.
Organization  How points and cube actions are shown.
Cube Actions
Interpreting Positions and statistics with diagram examples.
Categories  Category layout explanation.
Category 1.  Point vs A Better Point
Category 2.  Point vs A Double Reply
Category 3.  Non-point vs A Double Reply-No Hit
Category 4.  Non-point vs A Double Reply-No Hit
Category 5.  Non-point vs A Non-Point Reply That Hits
  5A.  Within opponent's home board.
  5B.  Within opponent's outer board.
  5C.  Within your outer board.
  5D.  Within your home board.
  5E.  Two checkers.
Category 6.  Non-point vs A Point Reply That Hits
Category 7.  Non-point vs A Double Reply That Hits
Category Elevens.
  Elevens A
  Elevens B
Opening Plays, Cube Action, 1A, 2A, PC
Reply Plays & Too Good to Double
  Reply & Cross-over plays to 6-1
  COVER: Your match will be decided on this, or the next, game. You get to decide which one. Shouldn't you know which one would be best for you? This book tells you—and you may be surprised.

Bart Brooks. Winner of the 1974 European Championships at Monte Carlo, now called the World Championships, and won many lesser tournaments in that time. Shortly following Monte Carlo, he had a twenty-year hiatus from backgammon but has returned. In the few tournaments he manages to visit, he has done well. He recently won the Championship Division Consolation of the Las Vegas Open (November 2005) and won the Championship Division of the Los Angeles Open (June 2007).

Ray Fogerlund. Leader of the American Backgammon Tour at press time and second to one (Neil Kazaross) on the ABT all time list. Member of the victorious American team in the Nations Challenge Cup in 2006, and a quarter finalist in the World Championship in Monte Carlo that same year. A firefighter by trade, Ray's avocation for at least 25 years has been backgammon. "Coolrey," as he is known online, is a tournament specialist, preferring the added intricacy of match play over money games. Currently the ABT beat writer for Gammon Village, you can often find him practicing at

   Backgammon's Best Opening Plays & Best Replies for Money and Match
Bart Brooks
2004: BB Backgammon Press, Henderson NV

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