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  Backgammon's Best Opening Plays & Best Replies for Money and Match

  AUTHOR: Bart Brooks
  YEAR: 2004
  PUBLISHER: BB Backgammon Press
  CITY: Henderson NV
  ISBN: 0-9736629-0-5
  BINDING: Softcover, spiral-bound
  PAGES: 48
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 22 cm wide
Rollouts were performed using Snowie 4.1. For opening plays, each play was rolled out 1296 times using 3-ply play and 3-ply cube. For reply plays, each play was rolled out 108 times, trucated at depth 7, using 2-ply play. A total of 27 opening plays and 567 reply plays were rolled out.
About the Author
Acknowledgements by the author
Snowie Acknowledgement
Quiz Cards & Memory
Abbreviations & Symbols
Money plays
Match plays
A note regarding 2-away 2-away
Cube Decisions
Benefits of Rollouts
What has been rolled out:
      Best Opening Plays
      Best Reply Plays
      Cube Decisions
The Set-Up for all Rollouts
Rollout Parameters
      For Best Opening Plays
      For Best Reply Plays
      For Cube Decisions
      Plays not rolled out
Beyond the Standard
About the Rollout Statistics
      The Openings and their Names
Best Opening Play Tables
Best Opening Replies
Rollout Tables
Quiz Card examples
  COVER: Every play has been rolled out! There are certain exceptions. See roll out parameters page 9.

Opening plays, reply plays, 3rd roll dance cube decisions.

Bart Brooks is winner of the 1974 European Championships at Monte Carlo, now called the World Championships, and has won many lesser tournaments in that time. Shortly following Monte Carlo he had a twenty-year hiatus from backgammon but has returned, arming himself with computer knowledge which every expert makes use of today. In the few tournaments he manages to visit he has done well. He is on FIBS as Black star and carries a 1900+ rating at present (October 2004).

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The Free Drop
Bart Brooks, Ray Fogerlund
2007: BB Backgammon Press, Blaine, WA

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