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Walter Trice

Dec 2008       Cube Handling in Races--EPC examples: stack and straggler
Jun 2007       Books--Trice: Backgammon Boot Camp--2nd edition
Feb 2006       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Do you need an advantage to cube?
Mar 2005       Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon #165
Feb 2005       Variations--Simborg Rule
Dec 2004   Luck versus Skill--Recognizing luck
Dec 2002       Variations--Exact bearoff
Mar 2002       Opening Rolls--Opening 63: Slot the four point?
Jul 2001   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Proof of doubling with market losers
Nov 2000   Programming--Training neural nets
Apr 2000   Match Equities--Constructing a match equity table
Jan 2000   Match Play--Crawford rule--Why just one game?
Jan 2000   Book Suggestions--Annotated matches
Dec 1999   Strategy--Checker play--Bearing off with contact
Dec 1999       Equipment--Leather boards
Dec 1999   Puzzles--Small chance of ending in doubles
Nov 1999       Fun and frustration--Losing streaks
Oct 1999       Books--Obolensky & James: Backgammon the Action Game
Aug 1999   Cube Handling--When to beaver
Mar 1999   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Minimum game winning chances to double
Dec 1998   Puzzles--Trivia question
Jun 1997   Theory--Number of distinct positions
Jan 1997   Variations--Low number first, fixed dice, others.
Jul 1995   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Practical strategy
Dec 1994   Puzzles--Not-so-greedy bearoff

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