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Phil Simborg

Dec 2012       Play Sites--Play site wish list
Dec 2012   Learning--Study Methodology
Jul 2012       Rulings--Cocked dice
Jan 2012       Luck versus Skill--Is there really luck in backgammon?
Jan 2011       Learning--How to improve cube handling
Mar 2010   Miscellaneous--How bots rate you
Feb 2010       Equipment--Luxury boards
Oct 2009       Etiquette--Listening to music while playing
Oct 2009       Terminology--"MCV"
Sep 2009   Chouettes--Dream chouette
Aug 2009       Learning--Zen in the art of backgammon
Jul 2004   Fun and frustration--Backgammon haikus
Mar 2004   Etiquette--Why I never complain about the dice

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