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Michael J. Zehr

Oct 1998   Snowie--Using rollouts
Sep 1998   Chouettes--Strategy
Aug 1998   Programming--Variance reduction of rollouts
Jun 1998   Terminology--"Volatility"
Jun 1998   Rollouts--Level-5 versus level-6 rollouts
May 1998       Jellyfish--Bearoff database bug
Apr 1998   Theory--Derivation of drop points
Apr 1998   Rollouts--Settlement limit
Jan 1998   Puzzles--All-time worst roll
Dec 1997   Miscellaneous--Handicapping--Pass or pick a roll
Jul 1997   Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing strategy
May 1997   Cube Handling--Too good to double
Mar 1996   Strategy--Checker play--Prime versus prime
Mar 1996   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Which split is better?
Mar 1996   Terminology--"Equity"
Feb 1996   Variations--Tracy turn around
Feb 1996   Fun and frustration--A game brings you money
Apr 1995   Rules--Repairing an illegal play
Jan 1995   Cube Handling in Races--Doubling formulas
Jan 1995   Strategy--Checker play--Defending against a blitz
Jan 1995   Strategy--Backgames--Defending against a backgame
Dec 1993   Cube Handling--Rough guidelines
Nov 1993   Cube Handling--How to use the doubling cube
Jun 1992   Match Equities--Using a match equity table

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