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Matt Cohn-Geier

Sep 2012       Terminology--"Bronstein" clock setting
Feb 2011   Rules--Illegal plays that can't be condoned
Feb 2011       Learning--Committing to memory
Jul 2010       Tournaments--Clocks and older players
Oct 2009       Match Play--Match play 101
Jul 2009       Theory--Error rates--Repeated ND errors
Jul 2009       Ratings--Cube error rates
Jan 2009       Strategy--Checker play--When to run the last checker
Mar 2008       Cube Handling--Woolsey's law
Nov 2007       Book Suggestions--Best books from the bot era
Oct 2007       Rulings--Rolling 2 dice instead of 1 to start
Aug 2007       Books--Robertie: Reno 1986
May 2007       Learning--Most efficient way to learn
Apr 2007       Terminology--"Cube provocation play"

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