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Brian Sheppard

Mar 1999   Programming--Neural net questions
Feb 1999       Programming--Blockading feature
Dec 1998       Terminology--"Holding game"
Dec 1998       Programming--Variance reduction in races
Aug 1998   Programming--Building and training a neural-net player
Aug 1998       Programming--Variance reduction of rollouts
Jul 1998   Strategy--Checker play--Containment positions
Feb 1998   Cube Handling in Races--Doubling in a long race
Aug 1997       Theory--Undefined equity
Aug 1997   Terminology--"Suicide play"
Jul 1997   Strategy--Backgames--How many men back?
Jul 1997   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Three choices
Jul 1997       Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Magriel's recommendation
Jul 1997   Terminology--"Wash"
Jul 1997   Programming--Adjusting to a weaker opponent
May 1997   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchor to break
Feb 1997   Programming--Board encoding for neural network
Feb 1997       Terminology--"Squeeze", "trap play"
Feb 1997   Strategy--Checker play--Trap play problem
Feb 1997   Programming--Ideas on computer players
Feb 1997   Jellyfish--Backgame play
Jan 1997   Pip Counting--Symmetry method, Grouping men

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