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Bob Koca

Dec 2012       Variations--Bluff Cube
Nov 2012       Learning--Study plan
May 2011       Variations--Joker cube
Apr 2011       Strategy--Checker play--When in doubt
Feb 2011       Learning--Committing to memory
Nov 2010   Rollouts--Confidence intervals
Jun 2010       Opening Rolls--Nactation
Apr 2010       Strategy--Checker play--How to trap an anchor
Jul 2009       Theory--Error rates--Repeated ND errors
Jul 2009       Ratings--Cube error rates
Apr 2009       Learning--Lowering your error rate
Jan 2009       Cube Handling in Races--EPC example: stack and straggler
Jan 2009       Match Play--Doubling window with gammons
Oct 2007   Rulings--Rolling 2 dice instead of 1 to start
Mar 2006       Terminology--"Swing tournament"
Jul 2004   Chouettes--Lure of the chouette
Jun 2004       Cube Handling in Races--Pip-count formulas
Aug 1997       Theory--Undefined equity

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