About the Glossary

The Backgammon Galore Glossary is compiled and edited by Tom Keith. The Glossary was first published in 1995. At the time it had approximately 100 entries, but over the years the Glossary has steadily grown in size as new definitions were added until today it has over 700 entries.

The definitions are liberally cross-referenced so you can easily find the meaning of new terms you come across. There are 150 references to external sources where you can find additional information on particular topics. And there are more than 40 diagrams sprinkled throughout.

If you have comments or suggestions about the Glossary, please write to tom@bkgm.com.


The following people have submitted definitions for the Glossary:

  William Bitting
Peter Hurley
Mel Leifer
Lou Poppler
Brian Sheppard
Roland Scheicher
Walter Swan
Carl Tait
Stephen Turner
Alef Rosenbaum
Chuck Bower

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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