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  Backgammon Live in London
The Book

  AUTHOR: Sean Williams
  YEAR: 2008
  PUBLISHER: Sean Williams (Lulu)
  CITY: London
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 265
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 21 cm wide

[FROM THE FORWARD.] "This book is a celebration of Backgammon Live in London—an annual event run by Michael Main which brings together people from all around the word to talk, drink, dance, laugh and play backgammon.
      Backgammon Live in London is an eclectic mix of novice players and seasoned pros, people for whom the game is a light diversion and people for whom the game is a life's study. This book aims to reflect the diverse nature of the event and its participants.
      This book has been put together on a shoestring by passionate amateurs rather than professional publishers. Please forgive the occasional type."

     "The hardback looks great. The paperback is black and white and is much less polished—for example some of the boards are a bit grainy and the photos are poor quality. It is more for people who are only interested in the backgammon analysis."—Sean Williams, June 2008


     "This has been very much a labour of love on the part of all the contributors, particularly Sean who collated the whole thing as well as contributing to it. ... ['Is there any bot analysis?'] There are no data panels showing the results of rollouts anywhere in the book, although Snowie and Gnu evaluations and rollouts have obviously been used as an aid by the authors and are referred to in the text in various places. I deliberately avoided references to Snowie except in a very few places, because I felt that a large proportion of the audience would be more interested in logical explanations."—Peter Bennet, June 2008

An email from Bedstefar
"Moochie and Pickle vs The Untouchables," by Peter Bennet
"First Impressions," by Stuart Mann
"Quiz Positions," by Sean Williams
"Backgammon—The Ten Commandments," by Chris Bray
"Just How Unlucky Can You Be?" by Simon Morecroft
"John Ingamells vs Stan Bailey," by Sean Williams
"A Newcomer's Perspective," by Michael Williams
"A Family's Perspective," by Peter Bennet
"Peter Bennet vs Michael Williams," by Peter Bennet
"Pipped at the Post," by Adam Tansley
"The Random Musings of a Sickly Crew Member," by Richard Biddle
"Adam Tansley vs Chris Bray," by Adam Tansley
"A History of Live in London," by Michael Main
"Nicky Check vs Geoff Oliver," by Nicky Check
  COVER: Every November Michael Main runs an internationally attended backgammon tournament in London, England. This book brings together match analysis, photographs, reminiscences and anecdotes from the three day event in 2007. Highlights include:
  • Match analysis by backgammon expert Peter Bennet;
  • A backgammon seminar by Chris Bray, backgammon columnist with The Independent;
  • Quiz positions from the weekend analysed by Sean Williams;
  • An article on the role of luck in backgammon by Simon Morecroft;
  • A seminar on cube action in non-contact races by Adam Tansley;
  • A history of Live in London by Mike Main;
  • Match analysis by Nicky Check;
  • Thoughts on the future of backgammon in the UK by Richard Biddle;
  • A newcomer's perspective on the tournament by Michael Williams.

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