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  Winning Is More Fun

  AUTHOR: Jeff Ward
  YEAR: 1982
  PUBLISHER: Aquarian Enterprises
  CITY: San Diego, California
  BINDING: Softcover, spiral-bound
  PAGES: iv+164
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 22 cm wide
  NOTE: (Thank you to Chris Bray for the info and picture.)
1. Introduction

2. Moving up to Mediocrity
3. Las Vegas Hit
4. Answer the Knock of Opportunity
5. Austin Action
6. Fool's Gold
7. Grand Prix Finish

8. A Potential Embarrassment of Riches
9. Blots on Ice
10. Black and White Choices
11. A Point Worth Making
12. Stationary Approach
13. Counting Shots the Easy Way
14. El Dorado Illusion
15. Moving to the Front
16. Backgammon Alchemy
17. Saving is a Virtue
18. Timely Time Waster
19. Runner-Up Winner
20. When to Play a Back Game
21. High Speed Danger
22. The Best Back Game
23. Backgammon's Lucy Show
24. A Case of Apparent Suicide
25. A Case of Justifiable Homicide
26. Progress in Reverse
27. Danny Kleinman's World
28. Carbon Copies in Triplicate

29. End Game Ambush
30. Sometimes It Hurts to Move
31. Windy City Windup
32. Prompt Punishment
33. The Power of a Seven-Point Prime
34. Dead Heat in Florida
35. Pay Now or Pay Later
36. Mine Field Stroll
37. A Meticulous Arrangement
38. Zone Count I
39. Zone Count II
40. Zone Count III
41. The Ideal Bear-off Distribution
42. Opening the Trap Door
43. Safety First
44. Disaster Insurance
45. Skip Play I
46. Juggling Lesson
47. Plain and Fancy Selections
48. A Questions of Aesthetics
49. The Magic Triangle
50. The Importance of Middlemen
51. Skip Play II
52. Swindler's Opportunity
53. Goals and Goal Lines
54. The Rule of Seven
55. Desperation is No Excuse for Panic
56. The Last Act of a Desperate Man

57. Doubling Cube Basics I
58. Doubling Cube Basics II
59. Doubling Cube Basics III
60. Doubling Cube Basics IV
61. End Game Doubling I
62. End Game Doubling II
63. Man on the Bar I
64. Man on the Bar II
65. Man on the Bar III
66. Western Injustice
67. Patience and Prudence
68. San Diego Success Story
69. Grand Prix Start
70. Prime Time Cube

71. Dice I
72. Dice II
73. My Friend Omar
74. A Fast Way to Record Positions
75. The Aquarian Backgammon Game Recorder

About the Author

   The Doubling Cube in Backgammon, Volume 1
Jeff Ward
1982: Aquarian Enterprises, San Diego, California

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