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  How Good Are You At Backgammon?
75 Challenging Test Situations
for You to Rate Your Ability with the Experts

  AUTHORS: Nicolaos Tzannes
Vassilios (Basil) Tzannes

  YEAR: 1974
  PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster
  CITY: New York
  SBN: 671-21814-X
  BINDING: Softcover, spiral-bound
  PAGES: 160
  SIZE: 27 cm high, 21 cm wide
An abridged edition of their 1974 book., 2001

1.  Early Stages of the Game
2.  Middle Stages of the Game
      a. Avoiding a Hit
      b. Making, Rejecting or Defending Against a Prime
      c. Mutual Primes
      d. To Run or Not to Run
      e. Go for the Backgame?
      f. Miscellaneous (Making Points, Timing Problems, etc.)
3.  Last Stages of the Game
      a. Bearing Off with No Enemy Pieces
      b. Bearing Off with Enemy on the Bar
      c. Bearing Off with One Enemy Piece
      d. Bearing Off with Two Enemy Pieces
      e. bearing Off Against the Backgame
      f. Forcing a Blot
      g. Avoiding a Gammon or a Backgammon
      h. The "Return" Play
4.  On Doubling
Appendix:  The Use of Probability in the Explanations
   Backgammon Games and Strategies
Nicolaos Tzannes, Vassilios (Basil) Tzannes
1977: A.S. Barnes and Company, South Brunswick

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