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  Experts Guide to Winning Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Edward Rosenblum
  YEAR: 2012
  PUBLISHER: Essential Backgammon
  CITY: Santa Fe, New Mexico
  BINDING: Plastic lamination
  PAGES: 6
  SIZE: 31 cm high, 22 cm wide
Six 8½ by 11 laminated pages packed full of useful reference information, plus an 8-page companion guide with instructions on how to use it.
Opening Moves
Replies to Opening Moves
Effective Checker Play
Effective Bear In
Effective Doubling Tools
The Doubling TRaP
Entering Your Opponent's Home Board
Key Reference Positions
Cluster Counting
Mental Shifting
Keying Off the 20 Point
Keith Count Formula
Racing Doubles
Safe Play vs. Bold Play
Basic Probability Table
Interpreting XG's Equity Table
5 Pt Match Equities
Turner Match Equity Formula
Take Points and Gammon Values

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