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  Underhanded Backgammon
A Devious Guide to the Art of Backhanded Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Arthur Prager
  YEAR: 1977
  PUBLISHER: Hawthorn Books, Inc. Publishers
  CITY: New York, New York
  ISBN: 0-8015-8125-7
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 116
  SIZE: 21 cm high, 14 cm wide
  NOTE: Illustrated by Roy Schlemme.
1.  Introduction: Between the Lines
2.  Know Your Rabbit
3.  Suffer Little Children
4.  Never Laugh at a Stand-up Karmic
5.  The Chic Sheikh
6.  The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Can Also Deal Out a Cauliflower Ear
7.  That Old Black Magic
8.  Happy Hustlers
9.  And More Rabbits
  COVER: With limitless wit and a zany sense of what sportsmanship is all about, Arthur Prager takes the reader from tongue-in-cheek tactics to downright outrageous strategems as he romps through the hilarious world of cheating at America's newest game craze. This inventive guide to backhanded backgammon includes methods for psyching out opponents, distracting them, confusing them, hustling them, and generally driving them to frustrated brinks. Here you will meet the masters of the art, from the Chic Sheikh and Jill the Ripper to the Happy Hustler, master of literally offensive strategies both on and off the board. The emergency maneuvers described here are bound to capture the imagination of even the most serious backgammoners. From the Oral Fixation (swallow the betting cube!) to the Mad Blotter, Underhanded Backgammon is the ultimate guide to winning through intimidation.

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