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  Backgammon as Played in Hollywood
With instructions for winning

  AUTHOR: Oh Tee
  YEAR: 2015 (1930)
  PUBLISHER: Maurice Barie
  CITY: Ferndale, MI
  ISBN: 1942370008
  ISBN-13: 978-1-942370-00-0
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: ix+72
  SIZE: 23.5 cm high, 16 cm wide
Backgammoon as Played in Hollywood, with instructions for winning was originally published in November 1930, under the pseudonym Oh Tee. The true identity of Oh Tee is not known. Prior to this facsimile hardcover, no known bound copies are believed to exist. This new edition has added Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, and additional information on the dust jacket.
      Originally published by Earl Hays Cinema Press, Hollywood, California.

Preliminary Instructions
  Setting up the board
  The purpose of the game
  The course off play
  Throws of the dice
  Moving the men
  Hitting a blot
  Blocked points
  To enter a man
  Bearing off


  When to double

  The blocking game
  The running game
  The back game
  General hints
  Doubling strategy
  Probabilities of the dice

Opening Throws
  Alternative openings

Backgammon Parties
  Progressive backgammon

  Deuces wild

  Index of terms

  COVER: A conncise, helpful summary of methods of play, with modern scoring and doubling. Also arrangements for home groups of any size and for larger, progressive parties.
      Practical suggestions for winning which every beginner should profitably employ.

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