Backgammon Books

Rules, Strategy, Winning Play

  AUTHOR: Tim Norfolk
  YEAR: 1978
  PUBLISHER: Tutor Press
  CITY: Toronto
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 166
  SIZE: 21 cm high, 14 cm wide
1. General Rules of Backgammon:  How Backgammon Is Played; The Objects of the Game; Throwing and Moving; Throwing Doubles; Blots, Builders, and Blocks; Gammon and Backgammon
2. Learning to Play Backgammon
3. Starting the Game:  Table of White's Opening Moves; Summary of White's Opening Moves; Table of Black's Opening Moves; Summary of Black's Opening Moves; Options with Opening Moves
4. Forward and Backward Methods:  The Running Game; The Blocking Game; Where Luck Enters; The Back Game
5. Bearing Off:  Preparing to Bear Off; The Wrong Way; The Right Way; Good Judgment in Bearing Off; The Very Last Man; The 36 Possible Throws of the Dice
6. Know Your Odds:  The Doubling Feature; Automatic Doubles; Chouette
7. Acey-Deucy


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