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  Marache's Manual of Chess
With the Games of Backgammon and Dominoes

  AUTHOR: N. Marache
  YEAR: 1866
  PUBLISHER: Dick & Fitzgerald, Publishers
  CITY: New York
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 156
  SIZE: 18 cm high, 12 cm wide
Most of this book is about chess. Twenty-four pages are devoted to backgammon.
How to Play the Game
Examples: First game; Second game
Technical Terms of the Game
Hints, Observations and Cautions
Directions for a Learner to Bear his Men
The Laws of Backgammon
Further Rules and Hints
Rules for Playing
Calculation of Chances
A Case of Curiosity and Instruction
A Back Game
  COVER: Containing a description of the board and the pieces, chess notation, technical terms with diagrams illustrating them, relative value of the pieces, laws of the game, general observations of the pieces, preliminary games for beginners, fifty openings of games, give all the latest discoveries of modern masters, with best games and copious notes. Twenty endings of games, showing easiest ways of effecting checkmate. Thirty-six ingenious diagram problems and sixteen curious chess strategems. To which is added a treatise of the games of backgammon, russian backgammon, and dominoes.

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