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  Backgammon of Today
With the Rules of the Present-Day Game

  AUTHOR: John Longacre
  YEAR: 1930
  PUBLISHER: The John C. Winston Company
  CITY: Philadelphia
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 132
  SIZE: 19 cm high, 13 cm wide
Bell Publishing Company, 1973

The Board
The Play
The Odds of the Dice
Opening Moves: (a) Combination Shots; (b) Doublets
Opening Strategy
The Running Game
The Blocking Game
The Back Game
The Game of Position
The Doubling Game
Running for Home
Throwing Off
Notes on Play
Foreword to the Rules
The Rules of Backgammon
Definition of Terms
  COVER: Will teach you to play winning backgammon in one evening.
      This work enables anyone to learn to play a sound and winning game of Backgammon.
      The Beginner will find in it a clear explanation of the play, with instruction in the execution of the necessary tactics for successful Backgammon.
      The Advanced Player will find here an analysis and discussion of the fine strategies of the game.
      The test of personal skill at the game is ability in treatment of the double—this is covered in detail.
      The technique of the Back Game—attack and defense; The Running Game, The Blocking Game, The Game of Position, all are explained with supplementary diagrams.
      Here, for the first time, are given the Authorized Rules specifically approved by the clubs in which the modern game originated and was developed. Mr. Longacre was a member of the Committee which drafted these Rules.
      The book covers the development and perfection of what may fairly be called the Backgammon of Today, the game which has attained such widespread popularity.

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