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  The Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Ali Khayat
  YEAR: 2005
  PUBLISHER: Author House
  CITY: Bloomington, Indiana
  ISBN: 1-4208-7939-1
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: v+52
  SIZE: 20 cm high, 13 cm wide

     "Despite the title, this book actually has very little mathematics. It is more a book on the history and culture of backgammon from a Middle Eastern perspective. The author discusses how the origin of backgammon relates to astrology. There is some discussion of strategy (21 of the 52 pages show how the play the opening rolls), but not much."—Tom Keith, August 2007

Battle on Wood
Characteristics for Backgammon
What the Sumerians would thing of all this?
The History of Backgammon
Zodiac Design on Wood
The Table Math Plan Without Dice
The Second Hypothesis Proving
The Dice
The Stars Caused Events and Actions
The Die Math without Gammon
The Identification between the Die and the Backgammon Board
Why isn't the Gammon played with one die on the table?
How is the game going on?
How did the author write this book?
Author's Books
Ali A. Khayat, author of The Mathematical Theory behind Backgammon, and author of other books. He received an Associate Degree from "Institute of Financial & Commercial Science" in 1969. He worked in Iraqi Government's offices until August 1980 as, an Accounts Auditor and Advisor in Cost price. Over the past 20 years, some of his best friends have called him "Mr. Backgammon." They were meeting to play Gammon in free time at Baghdadi-Znad Coffee House beside Tiger River in Baghdad where they enjoyed the cool summer breeze in the evening. He was teaching his friends that every point has a relationship between Gammon and the Dice or the Astrology Zodiac in signs.
      Mr Khayat came to the United States on June 1990 after the first Gulf War over to live with his brother and his sister in California. He studied at Clovis Adult Education, and Fresno City College. He received a Certificate of Achievement in 1998.

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