Position 40, page 115
From The Backgammon Book, by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford

Should White
double to 2?

If you double, you will win a point, unless you are playing against someone who takes almost any double offered him. If you play on, your plus expectation is greater than that: your one-point profit is in no danger, since you can double the stake at any subsequent turn to play, and if you get a few more good rolls, you will win two points with a gammon.

For instance, suppose that black’s next roll is 3-2. He comes in from the bar with the 3 and makes your three point by moving from your one point with the 2. Your chance to gammon has gone down to practically nothing, but your advantage is still overwhelming; you should now double him.


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The Backgammon Book (1970), by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford

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