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  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Four-Point
The Backgammon Writings of Jake Jacobs (1990-1996)

  AUTHOR: Jake Jacobs
  YEAR: 1997
  PUBLISHER: ToBak Press
  CITY: Chicago
  BINDING: Softcover, spiral-bound.
  PAGES: 196
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 22 cm wide

     "This book is a collection of all the articles ever written by Jake about backgammon, published or otherwise. I have always liked Jake's style of writing because he is funny. Very funny.
      Jake has to rate as one of the best players in the world, based on his results in 1996 alone. Please forgive Jake if he techno-babbles a little. It is sort of an unwritten rite of passage that one must perform to become an acknowledged expert on the game. Jake has arrived as a player, and he always was a great writer."—Ray Fogerlund, Flint Area BackgammoNews, March 1997

"Leave It To Beaver," Chicago Point Vol. 2 #6, June 1989
"Morally, If You Can't Cover a 'Beaver', Should You Drop?" Chicago Point Vol. 3 #6, June 1990
"The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing," FABN Vol. XIII #4, April 1990
"The Tortoise And The Hare," Chicago Point Vol. 3 #5, May 1990
"Miss Lonelyblots Reply To Sterling Morals," Chicago Point Vol. 3 #6, Mune 1990
"Droppable Beaver II—The Dam Thing's Back!" Chicago Point Vol. 3 #7, July 1990
"The Dropable Beaver Teaser," Chicago Point Vol. #9 (sic), August 1990
"The Curious Case Of TOO MANY MARKETS LOSERS," Chicago Point Vol. 3 #10, October 1990
"Detective Walter Trice Reopens The Case" (and my reply), Chicago Point Vol. 3 #11, November 1990
"A Christmas Chouette," FABN Vol. XIII #10-11, October-December 1990
"Problem #167 Solved," Chicago Point Vol. 4 #2, February 1991
"Experiment In Terror," Chicago Point Vol. 4 #3, March 1991
"Tournament Notes (The Chicago Open)," Chicago Point Vol. 4 #7, July 1991
"Jake Goes Commercial," Chicago Point Vol. 4 #10, October 1991
"The Naked And The Dead," Chicago Point Vol. 4 #11, November 1991
"Fate Knocks At The Door," FABN Vol. XV #2-3, February-March 1992
"The Cruise," unpublished, Spring 1992
"The Wheel," unpublished, Spring 1992
"Hong Kong—Learning the Yin and Yang of Backgammon," Chicago Point #47, June 1992
"The Town Crier, Captain Blood, And The Butcher of Barcelona," Chicago Point #51, October 1992
"Ask Mr. Answer Man," FABN Vol. XVI #2, February 1993
"Dear Anchorites" (letter to the editor), Anchors, February 1993
"Dong Dong Ju," Chicago Point #56, March 1993
"41st Indiana Open—Lots And Lots Of Diversions," Chicago Point #58, May 1993
"Of Mucus, Mantras, And Mystery," Anchors, May 1993
"Costa Rica," Chicago Point #59, June 1993
"Error Of The Hand Vs. Error Of The Mind" (letter to the editor), Chicago Point #60, July 1993
"Memphis Backgammon, Cheeses Waffies, And Other Tasty Things," Memphis Bg, Vol. 1 #4, July 1993
"My Takepoint's Up So High It Looks Like Down To Me," Hoosier Bg Vol. 11 #1, Jan/Feb 1994
"The Adventures Of Uncle Jake (Oriental & Otherwise)," FABN Vol. XVII #1-3, Jan-Apr 1994
"Getting Hyper," Chicago Point #68, Apr/May 1994
"Able Was I Ere I Saw Novi," unpublished, Summer 1994
"Crime And Punishment," FABN vol. XVII #6-8, Aug-Oct 1994
"The Best Laid Plans," Chicago Point #73, October 1994
"A Pair of Aces," Anchors, October 1994
"Two Points From Victory," Hoosier Bg Vol. 11 #6, Nov/Dec 1994
"A Quarky Match Cube," Chicago Point #76, Jan/Feb 1995
"Our Cup Runneth Over," Chicago Point #77, March 1995
"Primary Responsibility," Chicago Point #81, August 1995
"Stung By A Jellyfish!" FABN Vol. XVIII #6, September 1995
"Catching Up—Do You Really Need To Make A Big Ass Of Yourself When You Are Only A Little Behind?" Chicago Point #83, October 1995
"Problem #217 Solved," Chicago Point #83, October 1995
"Is Mike Fujita Jellyfish?" Hoosier Bg Vol. 12 #6, Nov/Dec 1995
"I'll Galdly Pay You Tuesday To Leave No Shots Today (And Other Wimpy Plays)," Anchors, October 1995
"Sixteen Cubes," Chicago Point #84, November 1995
"7 Up! (Or, One Man's Blot Is Another Man's Builder)," FABN #203, February 1996
"A Quick Match," Chicago Point #88, April 1996
"Snaky Jake," FABN #205 Apr/May 1996
"Hustlers," Chicago Point #89, May 1996
Jake Jacobs is the pen name taken by ... Jake Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs, after making his mark in the fields of pizza delivery and taxi cab dispatching, spent several years trying to persuade the casino industry to treat him as a valued customer. In recent years he has taken to writing about backgammon, and wishes to thank all of his friends in Chicago for being such a valuable source of inspiration. When the muse is silent, faithfully, they have provided an endless supply of droll plays, and risible cube decisions. His friends claim to have heard all of his stories, so hi is busy studying Korean, Chinese, and Thai, in the hope he may never run out of fascinated listeners. Currently single, he is diligently searching for a bewitching young creature to spend all his money (both dollars) and leave him broken hearted, but ever so wise. [See the author's personal web page.]

   Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good?
Doubling in an Unequal Backgammon Match
Jake Jacobs, Walter Trice
1996: ToBak Press, Chicago

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