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  Dynamic Cube Strategy

  AUTHORS: Gaby Horowitz
Bruce Roman

  YEAR: 1980
  PUBLISHER: Advanced Backgammon Enterprises
  CITY: Beverly Hills, CA
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: xii+134
  SIZE: 26 cm high, 19 cm wide
This was the first of what was to be five total volumes on cube handling. The other planned volumes were: The Principles of Doubling, Accepting the Cube, When you Own the Cube, and After You Have Doubled. These last four were never published.

Gaby Horowitz's ex-wife was Marcia Clark, later the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson case in 1994. She wrote several pages about Horowitz and Roman in her 1997 book, Without a Doubt.


     "Instead of teaching the things Gaby knows well, it covers what Gaby understands least: the doubling cube. Its style and content suggest that Bruce did the analysis and Gaby the writing. ... Gaby seems to believe in holding the cube rather than turning it, contrary to the word "dynamic" in his title. ... Dynamic Cube Strategy would be overpriced at $2.95 per copy. And if you took seriously the advice it contains, it could cost you a thousand times that."—Danny Kleinman, in Meanwhile Back at the Chouette


     "If you ever come across a copy of Dynamic Cube Strategies my advice would be to tread warily, much of its content having been shown to be flawed."—Chris Bray, in What Colour is the Wind?

About the Authors

Chapter 1:  From then until now
Chapter 2:  Consider the potential gain versus the potential loss
Chapter 3:  Use the cube as a weapon not as a gift
Chapter 4:  Blend checker movement with cube action
Chapter 5:  Eliminate emotional influence
Chapter 6:  Skill levels in backgammon
Gaby Horowitz has been playing backgammon professionally for sixteen years. A native of Isreal, he immigrated to the United States in 1960. Aside from being a world class player, he is considered to be one of the premier instructors of the game. His trademark is the heuristically evolved principles he uses to ensure a maximum conceptual grasp of both rudimentary and advanced aspects of the game.
      In addition to private teaching in the United States, South America and Europe, he has conducted many group classes and seminars. For many years he was the teaching professional at the Cavendish West Bridge and Backgammon Club, one of the largest backgammon clubs in the world. Having taught at Pips International, he is currently the teaching professional at the exclusive Joe Scott's Club Barrington in West Lost Angeles.
      A member of the Los Angeles Backgammon Team, he is one of the most successful money backgammon players in the history of the game in the United States.
      Gaby has won and placed in numerous tournaments including the Billy Eisenberg Cup and two years in a row the prestigious Pips International Tournament.
      Gaby lives in Los Angeles with his wife Marcia, an attorney.

Dr. Bruce Roman is an orthodontist with practices in West Los Angeles (Westwood) and Torrance, California. Originally from the East Coast, he moved to California in 1967 and currently resides in Manhattan Beach. Having attended Rutgers University, U.S.C. and California State University at Sandiego, he received his B.S., D.D.S., and post-doctoral certificate in Orthodontics from the University of California at San Francisco. Upon graduating magna cum laude he taught at the university level.
      Bruce is a professional conselor in Dianetics and Scientology and has been a Minister of the Church of Scientology for eight years.

Gaby and Bruce's articles have appeared in Las Vegas Backgammon, Gammon, Backgammon Guide, El Mundo del Backgammon, Today's professionals, and Gambling Times magazines. Additionally, they co-author a weekly backgammon column in the Beverly Hills People and Valley People.
      Gaby and Bruce were Finalists in the World Doubles Backgammon Championship in Las Vegas in December 1978.

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