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  Backgammon for People
Who Hate to Lose

The Psychology of Playing a Winning Game

  AUTHOR: Tim Holland
  YEAR: 1977
  PUBLISHER: David McKay Company, Inc.
  CITY: New York
  ISBN: 0-679-50652-7
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: vi+153
  SIZE: 24 cm high, 16 cm wide
Game One
Game Two
Game Three
Game Four
Game Five
Game Six
Game Seven
Some Fine Points of the Game
  COVER: This is the backgammon book for experts, about experts, and by the expert of them all—Tim Holland, author of two successful backgammon instructional books, and an accredited backgammon master. Backgammon for People Who Hate to Lose takes up where Better Backgammon left off, guiding the player into the psychology of playing a winning game—the ultimate game that only a few players ever achieve on their own—the inner game of backgammon.
      Using examples from his years of expert play, Mr. Holland gives the reader inside tips on the finer points of the game, secrets that any player less self-confident than Mr. Holland would keep under lock and key, or at least locked within the hidden recesses of his mind. But here, for the aspiring expert, Tim Holland lays it all out, daring the reader to try to best the master.
      Tim Holland, winner for three consecutive times of the World's Championship of Backgammon, is a natural teacher. As in his two previous books—Beginning Backgammon and Better Backgammon—he has illustrated his expert advice with play-by-play diagrams.

   Beginning Backgammon
Tim Holland
1973: David McKay, New York
   Better Backgammon
Tim Holland
1974: David McKay Company, Inc., New York

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