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  The Backgammon Handbook

  AUTHORS: Enno Heyken
Martin B. Fischer

  YEAR: 1990
  PUBLISHER: Crowood Press
  CITY: Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire (England)
  ISBN: 1-85223-402-4
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 232
  SIZE: 25 cm high, 19 cm wide
  NOTE: First published in 1989 by Falken-Verlag GmbH 1989. English translation by John Littlewood.

     "I have this book. It has some useful advice but it is not nearly as
good as Magriel, being less comprehensive."—Marina Smith, February 1998


     "This book, like Magriel's Backgammon, systematically elucidates backgammon strategy and it contains the complete score, with some annotations, of the very illuminating, 26-game match between World Champion and backgammon theorist Bill Robertie and now-inactive international master Nack Ballard (Reno, 1987). However, Heyken—an International Master in chess—does not have an international backgammon rating, and Fischer does not have a master rating in backgammon. The authors' lack of qualifications is evidenced in some of their misleading and/or naive analyses."—John Bazigos, July 1993

The Rules:  The aim of the game / Throwing and moving / Closed points / Hits / Re-entry of hit pieces from the bar / Bearing-off / Gammon and backgammon / Starting the game / Doubling / Notation / Test 1: Rules and moves
Game Strategies:  The running game / The blockading game / The holding game / Attacking / Bearing-off / Doubling I / Test 2: Positional guide-lines
Advanced Play:  Calculation of probability in backgammon / Test 3: Exercises on probability / The calculated risk / Splitting / Slotting / Opening moves / Anatomy of the backgammon board / Doubling II / The backgame / Psychology in backgammon / Test 4: Calculated risk, doubling II, backgame
The Match:  Games 1 to 26
  COVER: Backgammon is one of the most popular and enduring of all board games and is currently undergoing something of a revival of interest. Suitable for all ages and levels of ability, backgammon can be seen as an amusing leisure activity, a fierce competitive struggle or an absorbing and satisfying intellectual pursuit.
      This comprehensive handbook, the most detailed study available, covers every aspect of this fascinating game and will be ideal for beginners, enthusiasts and serious addicts. The rules are fully explained, game strategies examined and for more advanced players the authors include a selection of match situations to test and challenge the brain. Over 350 board diagrams illustrate the text, so allowing the book to be easily understood without reference to a board, and making this the ideal companion for all backgammon players.
      Backgammon can be played as an enjoyable game of chance or an intellectually challenging contest of strategy. It has fascinated players for over five thousand years and is increasingly popular today with people of all ages. The Backgammon Handbook is the most comprehensive study of the game available.
      The ideal companion for players of every ability
      Explains the rules and game strategies
      Advanced play, top match situations, tests and analyses
      350 board diagrams illustrate the text

Enno Heyken was born in Hamburg in 1959. For his thesis in psychology he explored the development of interest and performance in chess players. Awarded the Internation Chess Master title in 1987 by FIDE he has also made a name for himself as a leading chess journalist. Since the beginning of 1989 he has been working on the development of the first backgammon computer program to attain world-class level.

Martin B. Fischer was born in Hamburg in 1962 and studied law at Hamburg University. As a tournament chess player he too carried out intensive research into chess training methods, before participating successfully in numerous backgammon tournaments.

Both authors have been involved for some years now with the theory and coaching of backgammon and currently offer courses on the subject.

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