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  Backgammon to Win

  AUTHOR: Lelia Hattersley
  YEAR: 1974 (1930)
  PUBLISHER: Award Books
  CITY: New York
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 136
  SIZE: 17 cm high, 11 cm wide
How To Play the New Backgammon, 1930

The Story of Backgammon
How to Use the Book
Part I.  The Mechanics of Backgammon
Part II.  The General Strategy of Backgammon
Part III.  The Technique of the Three Forward Games
Part IV.  The Back Game and Counter-back Games
Part V.  Psychology, Doubling, Etiquette, and Laws
The Rules of Backgammon
  COVER: Here is everything you need to know! How the game is played; how to play to win; setting up; key moves; strategy and skill; scoring and rules; the part luck plays; instructive examples; doubling ... chouette. All explained in nontechnical terms with diagrams and illustrations.
      Backgammon to Win includes such game winning information as: eye training and coordination; progress, protection and position; opening moves; the running game; the back game; odds against hitting a blot; entering from the bar; bearing off.

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