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  Backgammon with the Champions

  AUTHOR: Kent Goulding
  EDITOR: Joanne Goulding, Richard White
  YEAR: 1982
  PUBLISHER: KG Publications
  CITY: Kensington, MD
  BINDING: Softcover, spiral-bound
  PAGES: 391
  SIZE: 28 cm high, 22 cm wide
  NOTE: This was published as five separate issues (the fifth being a double-issue).


     "Series of annotated matches between good players. Excellent material, giving very good insight into how top players think. Commentary by Goulding, often in collaboration with Kit Woolsey; both of these guys are very, very strong players. I can't recommend this series too highly."—Marty Storer, May 1992

Number 1:  David Leibowitz vs. Mike Corbett
Number 2:  Paul Magriel vs. Hugh Sconyers
Number 3:  Lee Genud vs. Kathy Posner
Number 4:  Nack Ballard vs. Sandy Lubetkin
Number 5:  Kumar Motakhasses vs. Jim Pasko
Number 6:  The Last Chance: Kit Woolsey vs. Jim Pasko; Mike Senkiewicz vs. Billy Eisenberg; Billy Horan vs. Jason Lester
Mr. Goulding is acknowledged as one of the world's finest backgammon players and instructors. He has won many major tournaments, including the 1977 Tournament of Champions, Paradise Island, the 1978 Florida State Championship, the 1979 Maryland Open, the 1980 Washington Black and White Championship, and 1981 $1,000 Jackpot Tournament at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. He has won five doubles tournaments, most recently the 1980 U.S. Open Doubles Tournament in Clearwater, Florida. Kent has authored many articles in leading backgammon magazines, and is well known for his entertaining, yet instructive style.

   Backgammon with the Champions, Volume 1
Kent Goulding
1981: KG Publications, Kensington, MD

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