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  Harrap's Easy Guide to Backgammon

  AUTHOR: James T. Goldsmith
  YEAR: 1975
  PUBLISHER: George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd
  CITY: London
  ISBN: 0-245-52763-X
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 71
  SIZE: 22 cm high, 18 cm wide
1.  The Basics of Backgammon: The Board, The Set, Learning the Board, Setting Up the Board, The Four Quadrants, The Object of the Game
2.  How to Play: Rolling the Dice, Doubles, 'blocks', 'blots', Re-entering the Game, Taking Your Pieces Off the Board, Standard Opening Moves, The Doubling Cube, Types of Winning Games, Chouette
3.  A Sample Game
4.  A Second Sample Game
5.  A Summary of the Rules
  COVER: Harrap's Easy Guide to Backgammon is the most straightforward possible explanation of this exciting game. A simple introduction to backgammon—makes the game instantly accessible to all.
  • Contains easy explanations of the rules in logical sequence.
  • Sample games with over 100 diagrams and move-by-move analysis.
  • Original system of numbering replaces complex inner-outer board division.

James T. Goldsmith is a lecturer in English Literature at the University of Florida: he has developed his backgammon-teaching method by playing with computers.

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