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  SERIES: Rules of the Game
  AUTHORS: Suzanne Goldberg
Robert Hamilton

  YEAR: 1996
  PUBLISHER: Gamescape Publications
  CITY: San Francisco
  ISBN: 1-887594-02-7
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 148
  SIZE: 21 cm high, 14 cm wide
1:  The Game
2:  Equipment
3:  Rules
4:  Opening Moves
5:  Basic Strategy
6:  Doubling Cube
7:  End Game
8:  Sample Game
9:  Variations
10:  A Lifetime to Master
  COVER: A complete introduction to the game of backgammon.
      Like all books in the Rules of the Game series, Backgammon is designed to give the beginning player a complete overview of a truly clasic game. This book provides a thorough examination of the strategy and rules of the dynamic game of backgammon. While basic enough for the beginning player, Backgammon has much to offer the intermediate player as well.
      Extensive illustrations and detailed sample games complement the clearly written descriptions of all aspects of this sociable game from the layout of the equipment and opening rolls to basic strategy, use of the doubling cube, and end game play. Included as well are explanations of basic dice probabilities, the popular multi-player variation known as chouette, tournament play, Internet resources, international variations and a detailed glossary.
      Backgammon is a complete and comprehensive survey which provides the knowledge to understand and enjoy the intricacies of the one of the world's oldest and most fascination games.

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