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  Backgammon for Kids
Everything You Need to Learn and Play

  AUTHORS: Lizann Flatt
Kelvin F.R. Smith

  YEAR: 1999
  PUBLISHER: Sumerville House, USA
  CITY: New York, NY
  ISBN: 1-58184-051-9
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 48
  SIZE: 15 cm high, 23 cm wide
Getting Started
The Board
What's the Object of the Game?
Starting Positions
Which Way Do You Go?
Rules for Dice Throwing
How Do You Move?
Rules for Moving
Closed Points
The Closed Board
The Bar:  Entering from the Bar; The Bar Point
Doubles: A Special Move
Bearing Off:  The Next Lowest Point Rule
Getting Ready to Play:  Who Goes First? Ready for More?
The Doubling Cube:  Offering a Double; Redoubling
The Best Opening Moves
The Next Best Opening Moves:  Set Up for Your Next Turn; Scram with your Runners
What If You Don't Get to Go First?
What About Doubles?
Game Strategies:  Running Games; Blocking Games; Back Games
The Odds:  Odds of Entering from the Bar; Odds of Being Hit; Odds of Rolling 1-6; Odds of Rolling 7-12
Who's in the Lead?
Other Games:  Acey Deucey; Eureka; Chouette

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