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  Everyday Errors in Checker Play

  AUTHOR: Baron Gossett Euler
  YEAR: 2012
  PUBLISHER: Baron Gossett Euler
  CITY: Internet
  BINDING: E-book (PDF)
  PAGES: 203
  SIZE: 21.5 cm high, 28 cm wide
This ebook contains 150 checker play problems. Just download it from the above link and save the PDF file to your hard disk.
      "Please enjoy this free backgammon book. The introduction explains why I collected these problems. I post them now to stimulate discussion and to share ideas, particularly those ideas once thought to work yet superceded by others that may work." —Baron Gossett Euler, PhD

     "This book proves that you don't have to be a world-class player to produce a good and useful book on backgammon. The author makes a serious effort to provide accurate commentary. In a few cases I've found that the commentary is off the mark, but the hit rate is no worse than in, say, Robertie's 501 Essential Backgammon Problems, and may even be slightly better. The main systematic shortcoming is that when writing the book, the author was primarily concerned with figuring out what was wrong with his own play, and so he doesn't give enough attention to plays other than the top play and his own play. Overall, though, I think this book is definitely worth taking the time to read. Recommended."—Timothy Chow, March 2013


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