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  'Challenger' Backgammon

  AUTHOR: Robert Bowden
  YEAR: 1977
  PUBLISHER: Sport Centers of America, Inc.
  CITY: Atlanta, Georgia
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 256
  SIZE: 18 cm high, 10 cm wide
1.  History of Backgammon
2.  How to Play Backgammon
3.  Strategy of Play
4.  Opening Moves
5.  Early Game
6.  Middle and Advance Game
7.  Running Game
8.  Timing Game
9.  Back Game
10.  Bearing Off
11.  Doubling and Other Problems and Answers
12.  Glossary
13.  Basic Odds and Information
  COVER: Win a trip to Monte Carlo. Enter the North American Backgammon Association $10,000 contest. Details and entry form with ten backgammon problems to solve in back pages of book.
      Beat the author! 200 Problems with play boards and concealed answers. North American Backgammon Association, Inc., says "Great! Fun! Challenging for expert and beginner alike."

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