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  AUTHOR: John Longacre
  YEAR: 1973
  PUBLISHER: Bell Publishing Company
  CITY: New York
  ISBN: 0-517-12873-X
  BINDING: Hardcover
  PAGES: 130
  SIZE: 21 cm high, 14 cm wide
The John C. Winston Company, 1930

Introduction to the 1973 Edition
The Board
The Play
The Odds of the Dice
Opening Moves: (a) Combination Shots; (b) Doublets
Opening Strategy
The Running Game
The Blocking Game
The Back Game
The Game of Position
The Doubling Game
Running for Home
Throwing Off
Notes on Play
Foreword to the Rules
The Rules of Backgammon
Definition of Terms
  COVER: Why does a game that has been popular with ancient Persians, Greeks, and Romans, thousands of years ago still have a universal appeal today?
      Not only has Backgammon survived through the centuries as an exciting game of skill and chance, it has, today, increasing popularity and is played vigorously the world over.
      Whether you are a novice or an experienced Backgammon player, John Longacre's comprehensive and diagramed guide-book, with easy-to-follow instructions, will be your referee in solving disputes over play, answering your questions, and introducing you to exciting new variations to a game which has been played for centuries.
      The introduction by Vogue Magazine's Games Editor, Sam Fry, will answer your questions concerning backgammon's present growing popularity.

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