Position 40, page 71
From Better Backgammon, by Tim Holland

White to play 6-1.

The correct play is to enter on Black’s 6 point and move to Black’s bar point. This problem is being shown following Position 39 to demonstrate a direct contrast. Unless Black is able to pick up a second man, White is well-favored to win, even assuming Black will be able to close his board.

There is little point in discussing how the play would normally proceed. Black will keep hitting White’s blot until he has closed his 6 point. (To avoid this, White would have to be tremendously lucky, for Black, even if hit, will have no difficulty in entering White’s board.) After closing the board, Black eventually will be forced to open and allow White to enter. The odds are in favor of White’s getting back to his home board and off more quickly than Black.

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Tom Keith 2013 
Money play
Black owns 2-cube
White rolls 6-1

1296 games with VR
Checker play: 3-ply
Cube play: XG Roller

6-1: Game BG   Equity
1 bar/18 W
+0.7580 x  *

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Better Backgammon (1974), by Tim Holland

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