Position 89, page 162
From Backgammon, the Cruelest Game, by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw

Black to play 4-1.

After 4/off, black has a 1 to play. In this situation a dilemma almost always arises as to where to move the 1 in order to have the best chance of taking both men off on the subsequent roll.

A general rule: with two men left, it is never wise to double up — that is, to place both men on the same point. It is usually better to move the front man forward. In the position shown, black is a 19 to 17 underdog to take both men off on the next roll. The 1 is crucial here.

To move from the 4 point to the 3 point is irrelevant, since the same number of shots will get both men off next time. Black might just as well have left the man on the 4 point. The play, therefore, is to move the man on the 3 point to the 2 point, making black a 23 to 13 favorite to take both men off on the subsequent roll.

Not: 4/off, 4/3
4/off, 3/2 x
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Money play
Centered cube
Black rolls 4-1

1296 games with VR
Checker play: 3-ply
Cube play: XG Roller

4-1: Game BG   Equity
1 4/off, 3/2 W
+0.2963 x 
2 4/3, 4/off W
−0.4259 (0.7222)  Not

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Backgammon, the Cruelest Game (1974), by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw

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