Position 34, page 45
From Backgammon, the Cruelest Game, by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw

Black to play 6-6.

In this instance, it would not be a weak play for black to hit white twice, making his own 1 point.

Admittedly, this contradicts not only our suggested opening play for double 6’s but also the general rule of never establishing the 1 point early in the game. Nonetheless, black now has two points in his inner board and two of white’s men on the bar. Should white now roll a 6 or a 1 — and he is a 5 to 4 favorite to do so — thereby bringing only one man back into play, black may be able to blitz him before white can get started again. However, if black is the weaker player, it would be more sensible for him to use his double 6’s to make both bar points, as originally recommended.

13/7*/1*(2)  *
Alt: 24/18(2), 13/7*(2) x
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Tom Keith 2013 
Money play
Centered cube
Black rolls 6-6

1296 games with VR
Checker play: 3-ply
Cube play: XG Roller

6-6: Game BG   Equity
1 24/18(2), 13/7*(2) W
+0.5705 x  Alt
2 13/7*/1*(2) W
+0.4537 (0.1168)  *

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Backgammon, the Cruelest Game (1974), by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw

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